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10-16-2003, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by wabwat
i have to ask though... why the omission of stumpel by everyone? i feel he's been one of the three best players so far. he's gotten so much tougher, and the goal he scored was smooth. and the type of goal a center his size HAS to be able to score. it was all about his body position and strength. he plays in every situation because nobody's ever doubted his hands, his patience, or his decision making. and now that he hasn't yet shown any signs of that "soft player" we've all bashed him for, he's just been that much tougher.
i'm not with you on stumpel. he's not playing poorly, and yes his goal was excellent use of his size. but, at the same time, i don't think he's been anywhere close to as good as others (belanger, visnovsky, palffy) have been. he just hasn't made things happen consistantly the way others have.