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05-24-2011, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by usiel View Post
Regarding BB I'm leaning your way Randy. Still not a fan of the system change as sure it righted the ship but were the players heart really in it? I'm sure it helped the the young players on D. Regardless this next year is going to be BBs gang plank season. Put up or get gone. Still leaning that it would be good to change the coach this off season though not really many appealing coaching candidates.
I think the system change was great and the teams play in the second half of the season seems to back it up. Looking back on the TB series, the team just ran out of gas both mentally and physically, IMO. BB's doesn't get a free pass either, IMO. It seems an assistant coaching change is needed since BB's isn't going anywhere. Someone needs to be added that can get a group of talented players to execute the PP with some competance and confidence.

During the last game between TB and Boston, TB's second PP unit started one PP and stayed out for almost the entire 2:00 minutes because Boston couldn't clear, and TB couldn't score. But despite TB's 2nd PP unit failing to score, their positioning and puck movement seemed miles above anything the Caps could do this past season. That needs to change.

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