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Originally Posted by Gilligans Island View Post
feel free to kill this one or take over the OP. I just had to get my mind off this season with the way that game ended on such a flukey goal
Nah. This thread serves a useful purpose. The "what I would do" hypotheticals can eat through a thread really quickly, so I've always liked having them separate from a thread that is more directly about the reality of the situation/necessary information.

For reference, I'm going to be providing:

-a depth chart showing pending FAs and eventually new additions.
-a cap chart that shows how much the team has to spend and where the holes are
-a complete FA breakdown of who is potentially on the market for the team
-a full prospect list
-a reserve list that shows how many of the org's 50 contract slots are taken and when they all expire
-whatever else I feel like cramming in.

the thread from last year is a good reference point of what you might see. the header graphics are gone but the info is still there.

2010 SJ Sharks Off-Season Info Spectacular (salary cap/free agency/prospects/etc)

and before anyone asks, yes I am getting this done before I finish work on all the ATFS prep. We need clear heads to do that, which means a couple of weeks separating this past season from the tournament.


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