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05-25-2011, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
exit interview: these are sop end of the season interviews with management.
you said mcphee doesnt have a good feel for the room. i said knuble wouldnt fail to tell him there was a problem. say if a player tells him there is a problem thats bad too.

why dont we just do it your way then.
My way or the highway. Get on the bus.

I said if I player HAS to tell him to change the coach, then maybe we need a new GM as well. Dont worry folks, almost anyone here could land a solid player with our first rounders, just like George does.

How do you know Knuble wouldnt want to keep Bruce here, that he would rat him out. Dont you think Knuble greatly appreciates his almost uncontested time at 1RW? His only competition really, Fehr, always in the dog house? Knuble probably loves Bruce more than other players. Knuble will most likely only fully spill his beans on his true exit interview, into retirement. Hey, want to be our coach Mike?

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