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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Purely absurd! Us fans want a cup. But.

We dont know what Ted and GM's priorities are now, do we. Building a consistent money making contender with minimal turnover from top to bottom, may be of the highest priority. The grass, not always greener with a coaching change on a knee jerk reaction from a 4 game sweep.

We kept Bryan Murray all those years. I am conditioned to this. Maybe its in Dick Patrick's handbook. Minimal coaching turnover. Its only hockey after all.

Saying Knuble isnt playing hockey for the money is a guess. Why do you go to work? All the money he makes now has to feed his family long after he can play. Do we know what his retirement account balance is?
* Its not obsurd as a fan to want a coaching change.
* Its purely obsurd to suggest that the only two that can't see what you see are the owner and gm
* players turn on their coach all the time. even the upstanding, team first players when asked the question by their boss.
* Knuble has a guaranteed contract and has many options beyond that.

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