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05-25-2011, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by QuebecPride View Post
Oh come on, he was raised as a quebeccer... He probably is eating a poutine by the time we speak

His father doesn't like us to call him a Frenchy but he is what he is. He's a quebeccer as much as Benny the Pouh(even though he's from Alfred, ON) is or Maurice Richard. You know what he ment, a french canadian.
Couterier doesn't like being called a Quebecer because 1. He's a product of New Brunswick and they should get the credit and 2. He thinks the Quebec minor hockey establishment are a pack of ******. Quebecer =/ French Canadian and French Canadian =/ Quebecer. They are distinct, if overlapping catagories.

And as I've said before, ever year some guys on every board that doesn't have a high pick think it would be brilliant idea to trade for one, not realizing that its really not an option in the modern NHL.

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