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05-25-2011, 10:49 AM
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There is certainly something to be said about chemistry. Not having to telegraph every pass and play. But it flies in the face of Bruce that makes lots of change ups among his forward lines in general. Then come the playoffs, breaks out new lines he never used before. And pairings. Fehr gets a period with Ovi and Nick in the playoffs. Finally. He looked like crap. They had no chemistry at all.

I like Erskine better than most but pairing him with Green... failed. What he does on defense is generally opposite of his forwards - he works the extremes. Alzner and Carlson were together all year, something I didnt like in case one got injured. Or the pairing got exposed come playoff time. What would he do with them? Alzner should have gotten time with Green this year. Bottom line. Carlson, with Sarge and Hannan. We are talking basic stuff here, logical pairings to try in the long and meaningless regular season. Kid/Vet Offensive/Defensive, R/L. Sure enough, I think Alzner and Carlson were our shakiest pairing in the playoffs. No surprise really, going with two greenhorns together. But he stuck with it... since he had all year?

Green and Sarge the year before, inseparable. Why? I have no idea. It certainly didnt pay any dividends really outside of chemistry in A D pairing... static. So him and Erskine get thrown together, limited reps from previous years. They play the same man in the corner. Boom. Backbreaker goal. We lost; our D pairings were inconsistent and ineffective all Tampa series.

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