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05-25-2011, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CB Joe View Post
Stastny is better for this organization than almost anything the Av's would be getting in return. If Stastny were traded it would most likely be for several smaller piece, unlikely to have the same impact Stastny is capable of having. The Av's need elite players not depth.

Why are people fascinated with the thought of trading Stastny?

We have a #1 center in Duchene.

You can never have enough depth at center. The best teams in the league have depth at center. Crosby, Malkin, and Staal. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Fippula. Sedin and Kesler. Briere, Carter and Richard. Thorton, Pavelski, and Marleau. Stamkos and Lecavalier.

Also Duchene has yet to accomplish what Stastny has in any of his first few seasons.

He's invisible on the ice.

Stastny does not have a lot of flash in his game. He doesn't do the "sick" dangles, he won't blow by a defeceman to the outside, and he doesn't throw any big hits. Stastny plays a simple, smart game. He knows where to go to get rebounds, he knows how to get the puck to the open man, and he knows how to play in his own end. Don't mistake flash for substance. At the end of the day he always finds a way to contribute.

He's paid too much.

Stastny may make slightly more then he should, but in no way would his contact be a hindrance to the team. Since entering the league in 2006-2007, Stastny has produced at similar levels per game, to players who are in the same pay grade. Koptiar, Marleau, Kovalchuk, Briere, Kane, Toews, Smyth, Elias, and Cammalleri all make 6m or more.

Stastny has never accomplished anything.

He was a finalist for the Calder, in which he gave Malkin a serious challenge and in the process he was named to the NHL all rookie team. He has lead his team in scoring twice. He is a two time NHL all-star and is an Olympic silver medalist.

Stastny never step up his game.

In the 2007-08 season Statsny lead the Avs in regular season scoring, putting up 12 points more then the nearest competition, while playing 16 games less. Lead by Stastny's production the Av's were a playoff team that season.

Again in the 2009-10 Stastny lead the Av's in regular season scoring, leading the competition by 15 points. Due to Stastny play in the regular season the Av's managed to make it into the playoffs. While the playoff run was short, Stastny was the best player on the Av's this time around.

Stastny is not consistent enough/He disappears for long stretches this season.

During his rookie season Stastny set an NHL record for longest point streak by a rookie.

This season was the worst season of Stastny's career. Twice he went pointless for 3 consecutive games, and once he went pointless for 5 consecutive games.

Now, I know what your thinking. OMG twice he went pointless for 3 consecutive games! Well for comparison, Duchene went pointless for 3 consecutive games a total of 4 times this season. "But what about his 5 consecutive games without a point?" Well that stuff happens. Stamkos did it once this season, and Joe Thornton managed to do it twice this season. Zetterberg even managed to have a six game pointless streak. Other players like Toews, Kesler, E Staal, and Kopitar saved themselves the embarrassment and only managed one or more 4 game pointless streaks.

We need to trade this guy.
Good post. However, the OP actually posted that he doesn't want to trade Stastny but just wanted to explore trade possibilities if that was something that would come to light. (IE : if he and his agent demanded a trade)

Again, I also stated my preference to keep him but played along.

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