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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
I wish more people would work like that. I have a tendency to go to the corner or behind the net to be open for a pass and I rarely see passes. It's a great spot to throw a goalie off...that's one reason why Gretzky was Gretzky.
Well, that's the cool thing about coaching. Every coach has his own way on how he thinks the game should be played and how he would like to guide the team. So, on that note, I have my defensemen, while at the points in the attacking zone, push the puck back into the corner and behind the net, instead of shooting on goal. Why?

When the puck is out at the point, that is considered the strong side...right? Ok, 9 times out of 10, there will be bodies in front as the shot goes towards the goalie...right? About 75% of those shots get deflected and never reach the net. So, if you have a great wingers that know how to redirect the puck on net, you have a better chance at scoring because of the redirect...right? Well, the majority of players don't know how to redirect.

So, to increase the odds of scoring, I have them throw the puck back to a player that is set up behind. If that defensemen at the point takes that big slap shot at the point, there is a really good chance that the pick will hit the shin pad of the forward covering that zone and it goes into the neutral zone for a break away. So to keep that from happening, I have them dump it into the corner and around behind the net.

Ok, here's a question.....

If the puck is out at the point, how many player will there be behind the goalie line? (jeopardy music here) ANSWER: None!

So, if you have the off winger move away from the defensemen, and then set up behind the net, the puck will definately get to him. Then, if he/she if cool, calm and collective, they will see the man out front and make the pass....80% of the time, the shot goes in. Why?

Because now you have closed the reaction gap time between the shooter and the goalie and the majority of the time, the goalie can not react fast enough.

Now, you defensemen, don't freak out about having to dump in the corner all the time. In fact, when we have the man advantage, I want my defensemen out at the points to have a shooting field day and send the puck to the net as much as possible. However...DO NOT MISS THE ^(&$#@! NET!!!!!!!!!!

How can you get the opportunity to make that reaction gap time work for you if you don't hit the net.

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