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05-25-2011, 02:23 PM
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Part of my anger and disagreement with "the plan" is Ovi. Imagine Ovi wasnt here. Pitt somehow wins the lottery again, naturally. Where would we be in our rebuild, and what would your expectation be. I wouldn't expect dick.

Getting Ovi raised the expectation bar real quick for some of us. Yet, I dont think Dick Ted and George have. They refuse to let anything force them to deviate from the plan, is my theory. Slow and steady wins the race. Marge Simpson would be proud.

Many here myself included kind of hope they deviate and just get us a Hayden licked cup, for once. One time. I just fear that we are not fully utilizing an Ovi that i for some reason, just think he is in his prime. Just a hunch, but its tough to top his previous years in my book. He doesnt hit like he used to. He could do this same thing for 15 years for all I know. But he brings a highly physical game and style. Even Gordie Howe couldnt bring it forever.

They have a plan and appear they are sticking to it. I do give George credit for some of his deadline moves though, which reek of trying to win now. I just get the sense that the team as constructed won't win a cup with Bruce. He is not getting the most out of his core players, the ones we need to carry the load for us as the collective draft picks led by sarge and the goalies, reach full maturation.

That is, unless BB slips juice in their cornflakes and hits their turbo buttons... hmmm paging Doctor Nick.

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