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Originally Posted by LesCanadiens View Post
Stats, stats, stats....why do you and others rely so heavily on them, I'll never know. What doesn't show on the stupid stat sheets, is that Eller progressively showed strength, poise, grit and compete-level. This is the stuff real hockey people see. And is evident by how the coaching staff handled Eller. You could sense their growing confidence in him and that he was becoming a favorite to them.

Those are the things stats don't show.
It wouldn't be so bad if the stats were put in more context. The lack of powerplay time Eller had will affect Eller's point-totals as Watsatheo mentioned. Eller also wasn't sheltered all that much: starting just over 50% of his offensive or defensive zone shifts in the offensive zone while facing slightly below average opposition. Add the Habs' unlucky shooting percentage when he was on the ice and anyone looking for points is going to end up disappointed.

The best Eller stat, I think, has to be his Ozone% (% shifts starting with an offensive zone faceoff, not including neutral zone faceoffs) and Fin OZone% (same as before, but ending). His OZone% was 51.6% and his Fin Ozone% was 53.8%, so the puck was generally moving away from the Habs zone when Eller was on the ice - a very good sign.

That, along with watching him, makes me believe has has a bright future. Eller was impressive carrying the puck, his passing and defensive play looked fine to me and he handled 3rd/4th-line opposition with relative ease (especially for a rookie). All good signs for a non-phenom rookie.

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