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05-25-2011, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Burke needs me View Post

i would easily do 2 1sts and a second.
but somehow i think you are being facetious.

reason i bring up Statsny is that I wouldn't be surprised to see Avs cut some payroll?? i could be wrong.

If i were Burke, I would offer up the leafs top 3 picks this year... (25, 29, 39)
or 2 of the picks and Bozak if the Avs fond him appealing.

I might even be persuaded to offer up 3 picks and Bozak.

i probably could give up 3 first rounders...
but i don't think i could give up 4 first rounders.. .and certainly not 5.
(that's just one Leafs' fan perspective)

The feeling i get is that the Avs are in more of a re-build mode and can afford to be patient. And when i look at the Avs roster, I see it a few years away. Maybe Avs fans see something different, but i think trading Anderson will come back to haunt, and has set the franchise back a bit.

I think the Leafs must make the playoffs next year... and Burke knows it.

i think a deal between the two could make sense. BUt it depends as always, on price.
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