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Originally Posted by Iplayhockehh View Post
Hey guys.

Am I supposed to feel a burn in my wrists while shooting pucks? Because I certainly do not. I shot 800 pucks per day for the past week and I never felt a burn. Today, I tried taping two pucks to my stick where the blade meets the shaft and then proceeded to shoot 300 pucks. I felt a slight burn in my wrists but it seemed to burn less and less as I kept shooting. At the end of today's shooting session I felt as if my release was quicker but that could just be my eyes playing tricks on me as I doubt shooting pucks with a weighted stick could help THAT much in a day. So my question is, does anyone feel a burn while shooting pucks?

If you're shooting properly, and shooting that many pucks, you should feel it in several places, not just your wrists. A proper shot torques many different muscles. Forearms, biceps, shoulders, abdomen, back muscles, etc. Hell, you should even feel it in your legs. A properly executed wrist shot uses pretty much your entire body for power/torque. You really shouldn't feel much of anything in your wrists, since all you're doing is flexing that joint on the shot. I've certainly never felt a "burn" in my wrists when shooting a ton of pucks.

How hard are you shooting? 800 pucks is a ridiculous number of shots to be taking, unless it's spread out over several sessions.

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