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08-20-2005, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by SuperMan313
I play for the Midget "A" Greater Kingston Rep Predators and last year we played a game against our arch-rival Ottawa Valley Titans, and well we had the best team in the league and Ottawa Valley had the 2nd best team we hadn't lost a game through the f 34 games of the year while this was the championship meeting with our arch-rival Ottawa Valley who was second place with only 3 losses though 30-something games.

We were winning 4-0 after the 1st period then they went off for 7 straight goals in the second period to take a 7-4 lead now I'm obviously fraustrated because we obviously had the best team in the league and should have one the championship, so there best player who had 4 goals was going through Centre Ice stick handling with his head down and I crushed him with a perfectly leagal check, now one of there wingers cross checked me in the back of the head so I got up we dropped the glove and well I sorta threw him around and manhandled him then at then end of the fight I was on top of him I got up and he kicked me with his skate on in my hand and cut my hand open and I had to go to the hospital now I thought that was going too far.
Interesting story. Was kinda hard to read on only 1 breath though .

I used to be one of those guys that took shinny/road hockey with the guys WAY too seriously. I'd scream at people and other crap like that. Although, most of the time it was for a good reason... not just because I felt like it.

Now... I've since cooled down. I'm not really an intense person.

What pisses me off more than those people are the ones that think they are the next Gretzky. They're just complete ********. They think they're better then everyone else...and maybe they are but you don't have to be a jackass about it... IT's SHINNY!

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