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Originally Posted by Gustafsson View Post
If anything, I honestly feel that modern athletes get the advantage over past-era athletes because they are current, relevant and have the benefit of media outlets like YouTube that capitalize their amazing highlights. Many of us never had the chance to witness all of the amazing things Bobby Orr did because there was no way to promote it to the masses - there was no ESPN, no NHL Network, no email, no YouTube - but every day we turn on TV or go online and see highlight packages of Pavel Datsyuk. IMO, modern athletes have a clear perceptual advantage because they are "top of mind".

Just the opposite.

With today's media, every player mistake is on record for all to see.

Go and youtube the all-time great players (especially pre-1970s), it's nothing but glorification videos.
Today's fans don't see instances where past greats are beaten or make mistakes.

In fact, I recall (3 years ago maybe) someone posting a link to a full 1970s Bruins playoff game. Yes Orr was very impressive but he also had 2 ridiculous giveaways in the offensive zone; something I haven't seen Lidstrom ever do.
Yet, hearing what people say about Orr + the limited video of him, you'd think Orr turning the puck over like that was impossible.

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