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Originally Posted by xxxZENxxx View Post
He hasn't even come close to that production rate in prior years. Does he maybe deserve $4M for all the little things he can do on the ice? Sure, but forwards aren't paid for the little things... they are paid by their point totals. Cally hasn't shown enough in that department to warrant $4M per. Sather should be able to get both Dubi & Cally locked up for less then $4M, much like he did with Staal & Girardi.

I am just glad that the people throwing around $4M a year aren't the GMs of this team.
It depends on the length of the contract. If he signs a 2 year deal (doubtful), then he won't get 4 mil per year. But if he signs a 5 or 6 year deal, his cap hit will be 4 mil or close to it because he'll be giving up a lot of UFA years. Staal only gave up 1 UFA year and wasn't arbitration eligible. Big difference. Girardi, much as I like him, isn't as important to the team as Staal and Callahan.

Forwards aren't paid for the little things? They are paid for their contribution to the team, whether that comes from goals, assists, hits, defense/PK, or leadership. Callahan provides it all.

Wolski had 65 points in 80 games in 2009-10 with Colorado and Phoenix. The prior year, he had 42 points in 78 games. That's pretty close to Cally's numbers the two years before this year. Wolski got a 2 year deal for a 3.8 mil cap hit.

Wolski was an arbitration eligible RFA and he didn't give up any UFA years. Callahan is arbitration eligible and will likely sign for at least 4 years, 3 of which will be UFA years. That will drive his price up.

There isn't a GM in the league that would take Wolski over Callahan. It's funny that you say you are glad we aren't the Rangers GM because we would give Callahan 4 mil per year. Yeah, like Sather has done so well lol. Callahan was our best offensive player last year. I have no problem giving him 4 per year on a 5+ year deal. Hell, I'd have no problem giving him 4 per for 10 years.

But hey, if Sather can get him for less than that, great. We'll have to wait and see.

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