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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
No, you have no idea, but keep on pretending Winnipeg is a great move. You only want a new hockey jersey, but I'm the retarded one? Priceless.

lol, replacing a team that loses money, for one that could break even = a great business move in your mind? Thanks for the business tip... the irony here is unbelievable.

If the Panthers would ice a team, spend some money, they would be fine as well. I don't agree they need two teams, but they have made it this long, plus they have a 5% corporate tax rate, and no ndividual income tax, thats a big difference in attracting business, and players.

I noticed you left Nashville off the list, because you probably thought hockey would never work there. What about California? Isn't that just as ridiculous in your mind? Its non-traditional in every sense of the term.

If you feel Winnipeg is a draw, whether it be for players, or TV ratings.. you are wrong. I'm not sure a small market team is the right answer, long term, for the NHL..

Short term the league makes a ton of money, thats what matters most to them.
You're making a fool of yourself dude. Stop digging. Your comments were just beyond retarded in the first place and now you're making them even more retarded just to fit your already weak argument.

Here let me make it simple for you:

-30,000,000 versus ~0

Is that easier for you?

Originally Posted by Little Nilan View Post
Got to love Kriss telling a millionaire majority stock owner not to get into business . Habs, you might've been a mediocre personnal trainer if you didn't!
Because Kriss shouldn't have to tell you that 0$ > -30,000,000$

Also in other news success > mediocrity > failure.

In other hard to understand concepts: situations where you could make a profit versus ones where you're guaranteed to lose millions are better situations.

Plus don't act like you know Kriss irl you couldn't possibly compare a "millionaire majority stock owner" (lol) to a guy you don't even know. For all you know he's a millionaire who just loves hockey and comes on here to shoot the ****.

Not every millionaire on these forums comes on here to flaunt it to people. Generally people with real money don't feel that insecure.

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