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Originally Posted by ovechtrick08 View Post
Got this stick about two weeks ago when it was on special for 49.99. The stick is super light has a very quick release. The performance of the stick outweighs the bad paint job and for that price it cannot be beaten. Would compare the stick in the same class as the S19 and rbk 11k as far as weight and performance. I believe the stick is made by winnwell and is from their prostock line.
I smell fake review... but I don't care, is it made by Winnwell? The LE says it's 450 grams and 61.5 inches, is that right? Basically, if I cut it down to standard size, 59", it'll be about 435 grams... How can it be only "90%-100%" carbon if that's true? Fiberglass would screw that all up... And if it's made by Winnwell, is it a Gx-8? I want to knnnooow

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