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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Here is a problem with your thinking though

The City of Glendale owns the building. Without the Coyotes 41 dates that is lost $ in parking , concessions , etc

That is why Glendale is putting up 25 mil because without out the Coyotes they will lose alot more money having a stadium that is mostly empty (Remember there is a competing stadium that Suns play in in downtown Pho ,, That tends to get the big concerts , etc because of its location to higher population centers
Spending that money now still creates a one year lapse of funds in the budget. The money Glendale claims the Coyotes generate is clearly a number snatched out of mid-air (half a billion - lol), and they'd be better off cutting potential NHL profits out of their balance sheet entirely. It would be the socially responsible thing to do, and that's without taking into account how nobody cares about the Coyotes in the first place. The whole thing reeks of some backroom promises politicians made with property developers that the Coyotes would not move.

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