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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
It's definitely true but 1st half Pouliot vs 2nd half Pouliot = night and day.

1st half Pouliot:

Played with a more physical edge, played well 5 on 5 and didn't appear to be a massive liability.

2nd half Pouliot:

I'm assuming this but after not getting a shot on the top lines after being one of the best 5 on 5 contributors, gaining confidence of fans and media and seeing Max do so well, it probably hurt his confidence quite a bit having JM never really give him a real shot on a top line. After that he went into a depression (you could see it on the ice, he wasn't the same confident aggressive/more physical Pouliot)

If he played the entire season the way he did the first half, keeping it simple, working on his defensive game and just had more patients, not only would he have gotten a chance but he'd have done better with his chance. That and of course we'd all still be praising him.

I still think he has all the tools, I think his mental game is weak. He's fragile and JM took the same approach he took with other players with him. The truth is there's no one approach, different players need to be treated differently. (I don't mean one should be favored, just that Pouliot is mentally fragile and the coach should have adjusted the way he dealt with Pouliot somewhat.)

I'm not saying give him 1st line minutes and bomb into last place while he fails it up. I'm just saying give him the shot a bit sooner and when you do give him the shot don't cower at his first mistake and stick him back on the 3rd line. Give him a real shot.
He played solid hockey 5 on 5, but he didnt play very well. He was not clearly above the other players, and he was playing against a softer opposition than Eller, Moen and Pyatt, for instance...

And then, Pacioretty clearly showed that he was better once in Montreal. Desharnais was also promoted, so you have two new players, both showing that they are just as good, if not better, than him...saying that he didnt get a shot is not exactly fair, because he did not deserved it in the first place...with Pacioretty and Eller coming up, plus Desharnais, the situation is even worse now, because the more Pouliot plays, the less they would. And they certainly deserved more that icetime.

He's like a collateral damage. You cant change your behaviour towards one guy just because things dont work out nicely for him...
The only thing they could have done is to be more proactive with him, communication, mainly, but if you start to handle a guy differently, the others are going to ask themselves why and etc...

Giving him a real shot ? He doesnt deserve it and even if, instead of who ? Pacioretty is better and younger, Kostitsyn is better and fitting a profile we really need, Gionta and Cammalleri, thats not even debatable.

You just cant have all of your young players to fulfill their potential.

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