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TRON Basic Stick Review

Hey folks,

Received the Tron Basic stick today, thought I'd give a few thoughts on my perceptions and limited experience with it.

Here's the description from their website:

* 540 grams
* All sticks are approx. 90 Flex
* One piece graphite composition
* Low KickPoint construction
* Well balanced and durable
* 30 day warranty

WEIGHT: Upon receiving it, the first thing I noticed is that is seemed a tad heavier than what I'm used to using (an Easton S7 from 2010). Upon holding them both side by side, that confirmed it. This didn't make sense to me, as the S7 is listed around 580g while the Basic is supposed to be 540g...I work at a company that does shipping, so I put it on the scale (and took out the plastic end plug) and sure enough my Tron Basic stick weighs about 590 grams (1lb 5oz). That's quite a ways over what they advertise (in the table below where they compare it to similar sticks, they say it's "540-580"), but it's still above that me, this was fairly disappointing as I was hoping for a reduction in weight. I'm going to be calling Hockeytron today and see what the deal is - I may have gotten a "defective" stick or something. I can't imagine them advertising the weight almost 10% below what it actually is...I'll of course edit/re-post when I hear back from them. D EDIT: See below...weight issue was (somewhat) resolved).

That said about the weight, the price is darn good. I got it for $40 (and surprisingly, no tax despite the fact that I'm in California, where the company is located). The S7 was $80. I got married a year ago, and my wife and I are living off of a single income (she's finishing up her last year of college), so I'm a sucker for a deal. If you order multiples, you can get price breaks, too, which is awesome.A+

FLEX: After taking several wristers and snapshots, this is definitely what I'd call a "perfect" flex for me (6'0", 170 lbs). I've heard reports that the flex can vary, but this seems consistent with about a 90 or 95 flex, which is what is listed on their website. The flex point is where it should be, and it whips back into shape quite well. EDIT: Upon a little further inspection, it actually has a flex point a little higher than my Easton S7...not too much higher, mind you, but something I thought might be relevant. A-/B+

LENGTH/SHAFT: The Tron "LE" stick is listed at 61.5 inches...I was hoping the Basic stick would be the same length, but it came about an inch shorter (measured from butt end to heel at 61.5"). I'm a defenseman and I'm used to about 61" sticks, so this was a bit short, but nothing I can't adjust to...somehow, I don't think that I'll be overly frustrated with missing half an inch. The shaft feels very solid, and doesn't have any "grip" texture. Upon removing the end plug (I want to call it a butt plug...ewww), I noticed the shaft walls are a hair thicker than my Easton S7, and the corners are noticably more beveled/rounded. I imagine that the extra thickness adds some weight and makes for a higher flex, but it also keeps the shaft from breaking as easily. The extra stiffness makes me fear leaning into the shot too much, lest I snap the shaft...I imagine it's simply because I have an older stick that's a bit whippier, and the new, stiffer feel is giving me pause, not anything to do with the manufacturing. B+

CURVE/BLADE/LIE: The blade is nice and stiff, and whatever they coat the blade with feels much more solid than the foam-bladder style Easton sticks I have a habit of shattering at the tip (and as soon as they shatter, they soften up very quickly and turn my wristers into "drunk butterflies"). While it hasn't gone through any game-level abuse yet, I feel like I won't worry about the blade exploding when I try to take a slapshot. The curve itself is a C7 ("Zetterberg/Forsberg"), which is my normal curve and I'm pleased with the accuracy they reproduced it. I haven't measured the lie angle, but it feels exactly like my usual 5-6 range. A

OVERALL: I'm quite disappointed with the weight, and although it's not a dealbreaker, I'm definitely going to call about it. The length is still better than 90% of the sticks you see on the market (seriously, other manufacturers? You can't spare 2-3 inches of extra shaft and pay 40 cents more?). Next time I purchase, I'm probably going to end up going with the LE and hope they haven't underestimated the weight as much...that said, this is by and large the best thing you're going to get for $40, and is probably comparable to a $70-80 Easton, Bauer, or Reebok (I've used all three brands and inevitably end back with Easton, though I'm hoping TRON will give me a reason to swap loyalties!).

Anyone else have experience with the Basic?

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