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Originally Posted by dbargaehr View Post
I used to have a similar problem...I only had a small patio in a neighborhood where I didn't trust passersby to not snag my gear! If you have a bathroom fan and your roommates (or lady) can tolerate it, dry them out in the bathroom.

I would hang most of it on the shower rod, then turn on the overhead fan. It would create enough air movement to dry them out overnight. With gloves, it might even be advisable to blow dry the inside to give them a little longer life before glove-funk takes up permanent residence.

I would also Lysol all the gear every few games before hanging it, or my wife would have my head for "making the house smell like your hockey bag".

That's dependent on whoever you're living with being tolerant of the situation, though...
Thanks, dbargaehr. Yeah, the girlfriend won't take too kindly to hockey gear odor, I'm sure. I've thought about using the fan in the second bathroom [thankfully there's 2 full banos] but wasn't sure how well it would dry, and it might be annoying to leave the fan on for two straight days! Especially if we have guests over...

I've heard of other guys using Febreeze, but haven't heard of Lysol; I wonder if either would irritate one's skin b/c of the chemicals?

Appreciate your advice.

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