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05-26-2011, 02:43 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Yeah I caught it on Hockeybuzz

I thought it was insightful..particularly about his back obviously and Richards which he said he's still learning as a captain (on the job training) and how he was brought in to help him.

The thing that troubles me the most though is this back situation...I don't think he'll ever be at 100% given the surgery he had which involved the nerve. I suspect he'll be a 50 t0 60 game player from here on in. This is why Holmgren may need to consider some more impact help on the backend via trade etc...Timonen is no spring chicken either. Stinks that our D situation is a bit suspect now given the fact we need a goalie...

Q: Did the doctors say you were going to be back at full strength or is this going to reduce your play at all?

“Well, like anything else, especially with the back, there’s no guarantee. That was one of the things we wanted to find out when I went and met with the doctor and what his recommendations are and what he has seen. Everybody is different and everybody recovers differently and you hope that you’re able to recover a hundred percent, but that’s never a guarantee and you never know. It’s still very early to be able to tell that. I won’t know that until probably training camp or maybe even further on, who knows.”

Q: Coming off that, a lot of fingers were pointed at Mike Richards, I am sure you have heard some of the things that were said about him.

“I have not. I have not. I have a simple answer for you. When a team wins, players get pats on the back or get all the credit. That’s usually your captain, your goalie, all the rest of that. When you lose, whether it’s fair or unfair, the people that get criticized are your captain, and your goalie, and all the way down the line. This is a team sport and for you to be successful you need everyone around you to play well. Whether it’s Richie, Carts, myself, Kimmo [Timonen], Boosh, Bob; I mean it’s not just one guy. People can say whatever they want about Richie, but at the end of the day you have to realize it’s a team sport.

Actually I did see one, is Sam Donnellon on the call? He’s not? I saw one headline, ‘Should Mike Richards step away for a year from the C.’ What good does that do? That is the most ridiculous thought I have heard yet. This is on the job training for Mike. I was brought in to help him be a captain and do all the rest of that and kind of help with my experiences. I think I got here, he was 24, he’s now 26. I think he’s made some strides. Everybody does things their own way. I wasn’t always this vocal with the media or this patient. It takes time, you have to have those experiences.

I think when you go through tough times, maybe this is one of them for him, you learn an awful lot about yourself, you gain a lot of experience. This game and life is not easy. Nothing in life worthwhile is easy. If it was, everyone would be able to do it. You learn how to handle different situations and it only makes you better as a player and a person, because you can always look back on those tough times and [know] I was able to come through those with my head held high and better. So will Mike.

I went through them as a young captain; I went through them as a player. Getting booed, getting mouthed off walking out of the rink and wanting to fight guys after games and all the rest of it. It’s not easy, especially on a team when the expectations are this high and the fans are this passionate. The media, you guys are bickering with one another trying to get the scoops. It’s not easy. I think as his career progresses, he is going to understand more and more what the media’s job is, and just to give you guys a little, just a little bit, just a little taste. Which is what I do, just give you a little taste. You don’t have to give it all, just enough so you guys can do your job and leave him alone. That’s all experience.

I think it’s a little ridiculous to be blaming one person. We win as a team and lose as a team – period, end of story.”

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