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05-26-2011, 02:56 PM
Yay hockey!
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To be honest, I don't think the Caps need that much roster turnover. They do have needs that need to be addressed, though.

1) They really need a 1RW. Knuble is too slow for this role, and Semin and Ovi are both natural LWs.
2) They really need a 3C. Johansson may not be ready, but I have a feeling he will be thrust into the role of 2C. Boyd Gordon's a fantastic 4C if they keep him.
3) Schultz has to go. His complete inability to move was exposed in horrifying ways during the Tampa Bay debacle.
4) They need a faceoff specialist who also knows how to play hockey (sorry Steckel).
5) They need to realize that positioning doesn't get it done in the playoffs. Standing in the right position as the puck goes in off Bergenheim's skate for the 3rd time in the series is just one of the many reasons they lost. To win in the playoffs, you have to be physical AND be in position.
6) They have a major logjam at D, especially if Poti returns healthy. That many contracts of that size at one position will cause issues.

For all that everyone is down on Semin (and yes, the first thing out of my mouth after the buzzer sounded in Game 4 was "Semin's gotta go"), now that I've had a chance to look over the past several years, regular season and playoffs, I have to say that I think he's turning the corner. Sure, he'll always be known for the "Semin Hat Trick" (1G, 1A, 1 terrible offensive zone stick penalty), but he was one of the very few Caps who showed up in this year's playoffs, the Game 4 incident notwithstanding. That incident tells me two things:
1) The Caps were beaten before Game 4 ever started
2) Semin still has room to mature
But I think that he is almost there.

I could frankly go either way on a new coach. One thing, though, that I haven't seen mentioned, is that a new coach gives guys who were "in the doghouse" a new chance. So maybe instead of moving Fehr and/or Perrault, they could turn into productive players, put in the right situations. That's purely speculation though. However, especially in the case of Fehr, I want to be damn sure he's a bust before I move on. First round draft picks aren't cheap.

As for the discussion about how Washington has too many classy players... I agree. Washington absolutely needs more grit, hustle, and something my dad would call character on the roster. Sadly, guys like that don't survive in D.C. This is a city that cares more about appearance than substance, and it shows in every one of the sports teams, hockey included (sadly).

Here's my bold prediction: the Capitals will win the 2014 Stanley Cup. Not 2012, when the Caps first lose the Southeast Division to Tampa Bay. Not 2013, when the Caps miss the playoffs after Nashville comes to the Southeast Division. 2014, when the Caps have finally learned the hard way that in hockey, the team that works the hardest wins. That's when the Cup will come to D.C., and not a minute before.

Sorry for rambling. Go Caps!

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