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05-26-2011, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I'm not saying treat him unfairly. I'm just saying different player different situation, and Max only came up midway through the season, he was never really given a chance prior to him coming up and imo he actually did deserve one. He was playing well 5 on 5 and he did play well. If he didn't play very well (wasn't getting PP/PK time) then he wouldn't have played well 5 on 5 period.

1) Pax wasn't up the entire season
2) Andrei was on the first line anyways but in any event had been moved to the 3rd line a few times.

I mean if you don't remember the extended periods of Moen/Halpern in the top 6 during times where Pax wasn't around or was injured, then I don't really know what to say. There were plenty of opportunities to give Pouliot at least 3-5 games but instead guys like Halpern and Moen got that spot.

I'm not saying give him Andrei or Max's spot, far from it. I'm just saying when opportunities to give Ben a chance presented themselves, he wasn't given the chance. This is also during the period he was playing well prior to Pacioretty coming up. He was playing well, in fact if you go back to early in the season and read info about him, he was being appreciated around here.

Again though I'm not saying give him an unfair advantage, I'm just saying give him a chance, and for the first half of the season I would say he more than deserved it. We had no 2nd line either, he was given like 3 shifts and moved back down after some jitters.

I think people forget the confident Pouliot we saw after the Lats trade and at the start of this season as well. He is capable of playing well and just needs to be given a chance. Might not be with us but with somebody else.
No, you dont talk about being treated unfairly, but some might think that way. He might, for instance.

Playing well 5 on 5 ? Honestly, i was not really impressed.
We're talking about a 4th overall selection, who was going to start his first full season after being interesting during the previous season.
30-35 points with his icetime, thats solid, but he was inconsistent, he was not that often the best player on his line (it was often Darche), and he played against a quite soft opposition.
For a 3rd liner or 5th winger, i have no problem with that kind of offensive production if he works hard.
For a top-6 player and everything that implies, this kind of player may be a weight for his line.

Playing him alongside Gomez means that you have a struggling player plus an inconsistent one on the same line. Last year, they played together, Gomez was better, though, but the line had his ups and downs. When it mattered, it was a huge down, so i could understand the choice.

Playing him with Plekanec, and he's going to play against the best players of the opposition each night. (I still dont understand the Kostitsyn's demotions...)

Even if Moen or Halpern are not as blessed as he is, they work harder, they are more versatile, they are more reliable, especially defensively, and they are more consistent. For 10-15 games, i could live with one of them on an offensive line. They're two, so 30 games is probably a stretch if you want to be a solid team, but thats a safer bet than Pouliot.

Being on a better line means different "rights and duties". The expectations are absolutely not the same.
Pouliot didnt showed that he has the ability to be good enough to fulfill this duties. He was just above the average for a 3rd line, so i could understand why a coach is not trusting him for higher responsabilities.

If the guy is frustrated and losing confidence because he lost the puck, made a mistake etc when playing against a soft opposition, this is only going to be worse when he face better players...and thats not helping him.

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