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05-26-2011, 05:11 PM
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I'd go ahead and bake them again, often skates will say to bake a maximum of 2-3 times, but a lot of people bake 3+ times with no problems, myself included. Make sure to tie them nice and tight during the baking so the eyelets fold over well (make sure to pull straight out, then cross the laces over, if you pull across the eyelet while the skates are hot you can rip out eyelets). Also, bake one skate at a time (so the 2nd skate doesn't cool off as you're tightening the 1st one), and make sure they're nice and hot/soft, sometimes people don't leave skates in long enough and they barely mold at all. You don't want to overbake and possibly damage them, but basically just make sure you've got a fitter who knows what he's doing, and mention that you want to make sure you get a good/soft bake.

Finally, as the other 2 posters suggested, replace the laces with waxed laces, which should help quite a lot. Use normal laces when baking though, waxed laces after, as apparently the wax can heat up and come out of the laces when baking (less of a problem with used waxed laces that have already lost a fair bit of wax, but apparently a problem with new waxed laces).

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