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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
Yeah, stepping away for a year is ridiculous. There shouldn't be a set term on it. If the move is made, you make the move and see how things play out.

Lots of people make all these excuses and defenses of Richard's captaincy, but really, what has he added or done to show he is entitled to just keep the C forever? It seems we're more often dealing with criticisms and knocks on his role as captain as opposed to any plusses or tangible benefits of it. I'm most concerned that the team continues to play the way they shoudl for only 20 or 40 minutes per game. This inconsistency has been prevalent for a few seasons now, and under Richie's reign as Captain. While it's not fair or accurate to pin all blame on Richards, it's not like he has risen above to set an example that, if only others would follow, the team would be fine.
What are the downside risks of moving the C to someone else? Would it really be that terrible? What are you so afraid of?
What are the pro's of it? This team had the same problem of a full 60 minutes with Jason Smith as captain. It's something they need to deal with. Mike Richards has won as a captain at every single level he has played at. Chris Pronger took over as captain of the Blues when he was 23. Now people are holding him up as the epitome of a leader. Meanwhile, we're saying that Richards is never going to learn how to become a captain of a Stanley Cup contender. Who is to say Richards isn't taking the same path as Pronger? Hell, Richards has gotten closer to a Stanley Cup than Pronger ever did with the Blues.

Who would become captain? Briere? Diver, doesn't contribute on defense, disappears when he's not scoring, probably has 2 or 3 years left. What do you do after that?

Pronger? What changes with him as captain? Chris Pronger is not the kind of player who changes his approach to the game whether he has the A or the C.

Kimmo? Breaking down, probably retires after his current contract, if not next year. What do you do after that?

Carter? That might be funny just to see his detractors' heads explode.

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