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05-26-2011, 06:17 PM
Yay hockey!
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Originally Posted by rubynj View Post
why doesnt bradley get more icetime? Hes had some big goals for us and mixes it up quite well.
The reason Bradley doesn't get more ice time is because he's not that good. Your two points are related - he is able to score big goals because he mixes it up well and is willing to work to get to the spots on the ice where he can score.

Also keep in mind that getting Bradley more ice time would mean one of two things:
1) Being on the penalty kill more
2) The other fourth liners also get more ice time, unless you want to put Bradley in with one of the scoring lines
And who would they take the ice time away from in order to give it to Bradley? There are only 300 man-minutes of ice time per game to go around.

I like Bradley as a player because I think he fits very well into his role, and we don't ask him to do too much. If he got more minutes, that would come with an increased expectation, which might just push him out of the role he's so good at.

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