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05-26-2011, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCup2012 View Post
So that's our compensation for letting one of the top offensive talents in the league walk? Cap space?

What a blunder it would be if McPhee lets that happen. We already know they won't go out an reinvest that money in an impact FA to fill the gap. Where's the plus side? More youth?
We don't actually know that they won't go out and reinvest that money in an impact FA to fill the gap.
We also don't actually know that it'll even be McPhee running the show at the time, as long as we're dealing in hypotheticals.
In either case, you're mostly right - it's not the cap space that's the compensation, but the player(s) you get for that cap space.

Unrelatedly, but this made me wonder... how many holes could the Caps fill with $6.7M? They'd lose a huge hole, but...

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