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05-26-2011, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Capsman View Post
Anyone else watching these games and getting angrier and angrier thinking about our waste of talent? Like our rag tag pond hockey is just reemphasized. Damn you GMGM. Much as I appreciate your talent evaluation, your unfounded devotion to BB has made the thought of firing you not so repulsive to me any more.
Yes. I don't feel like, dump it into the opposite corner while guys are moving across the blueline already chasing it, support the puck carrier up ice by backing him up instead of always going wide, dump the puck if you have no support and are surrounded, and try to cycle the puck along the boards until someone gains inside position on the defense are complicated concepts. Tampa is a good team but their defense is not that good. Washington has more on paper and they got swept. It is just frustrating to see the same damn turnovers and stupid plays after four years. Watch the conference finals and few to none guys turn over the puck at the opposition's blueline while trying to beat three defensive players. The Caps still did this all the time.

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