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Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
1) Having a player of his talent level on the ice (especially on the second line) makes a team plan and play differently. Even if he's having one of his "games", he opens up space for the other people on his line just by being there (if they ever get the cycle established, which is a whole other thread...)

2) Goals are important

3) While Semin may not be better (or even as good as) defensively than some 1/2 wingers, it is not easy to find a similar winger who's available. Closest one I can think of is Phil Kessel, and I'd rather have Semin.

Coincidentally... I wonder how much of Semin's "lack of effort" malaise is because he has first line talent but plays on the second line? He's always been streaky, but I don't remember him being quite so lazy when he was on the Ovechkin-Backstrom line.
1) Have you've seen Semin? When he's not on a line with OV or Backstrom he's prone to be a selfish, do it all by myself player.

2) Goals are certainly important, but Semin is very streaky. He'll have his fair share of stretches when he doesn't provide goals, consequently providing nothing else.

3) Semin's defense is so overrated. He'll back-check when he turned it over, he doesn't do it out of habit. PK wise he's decent, but he gets too cute on the pk. Very unreliable to run out for an important kill.

My thoughts on Semin have been hashed here. I wouldn't mind trading him or keeping him. Just make a decision on him, enough with these 1-year, get my value up contracts.

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