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05-26-2011, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by BrooklynCapsFan View Post
It doesn't matter if Semin is scoring when everyone else is. If we can get to 246 GF without him, then we should be fine and have $6.7 million to burn. I think that's a pretty realistic goal.
All right, I'll play ball. Now let's find those 246 goals.

55 Ovechkin
30 Backstrom
25 Knuble
20 Laich (assuming he stays)
?? Mystery Second Line Player
20 Johansson
45 3rd liners combined
30 4th liners combined

I think that's pretty fair, and that comes out to 225 plus the Mystery Second Line Player. So if 246 GF is the target, then they can safely replace Semin with a 21 goal scorer. The Caps had 219 goals this year, with a terrible power play (I blame it on the switch from Pepco to Constellation), so 246 should be within reach if all they do is fix the power play (79 power play goals in 2009-2010, 46 in 2010-2011).

246 is attainable, and all without giving up the "defensive style" that the Caps adopted. That puts them in the top 5 in the league in both goals for and goals against. So I guess the only question is who to plug in as the Mystery Second Line Player. If they're looking to boost the power play, they could do a lot worse than Semin, and not much better. Value is a whole other boat.

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