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05-26-2011, 09:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
Captaincy is not chosen. It happens naturally. A guy just takes the reigns. The team giving him the C is just a formality of something that has already happened.

The same is true for the Rangers. There is no choice here. You can see it; it's Callahan's team. He's already been our captain for a full season. The C is just a formality.
Excellently said.

This thread is starting to really puzzle me. Post after post suggesting that Dubi should be the captain - 90% because he's got "swagger" and 10% because he gives good quotes to the press. What the heck do either of those things have to do with being Captain? I understand that they provide many fans with enjoyment, but that's hardly how I want my team's captain chosen.

I want my team's captain chosen based on his leadership, the respect he commands from the other players, his ability to see the larger picture, remain calm under pressure and do what's best for the team. Yes, confidence is important, but cockiness is not required - and can in fact be a detriment. (And actually, personal confidence isn't that important either - what's really important is the ability to instill confidence in other players.)

There is no question that Dubinsky has more natural talent than Callahan and a more colorful personality than Callahan. And to me, there's no question that Callahan would make a better Captain. As Machinehead pointed out, it seems pretty obvious that he is already well on his way there.

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