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05-26-2011, 10:18 PM
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Can't really pick one, so I'll give three.

1) Autographed Timonen Jersey (away 08/09): Parents bought it at a school auction. Honestly, I don't think my mom thought she would win, because when I brought it over to her (I was helping out at the auction) she didn't seem too thrilled.

2) Autographed Bob Picture: Got it back in November when the Eagles came back against the Giants. Jackson's punt return was while I was in line, and it was funny to see the whole place cheer, mostly because Bob was loving it. After I got my autograph, I thanked him, expecting just a nod or something and he replied "No problem!" and gave one of his Bob smiles.

3) Autographed Giroux Picture: Came back from school for a weekend in February and got this. We got to the place, and the people told us it was all sold out, even though we got there at the beginning of the hour and it didn't look like there was an hour worth of people there. So, I was pissed and wanted to go home, but my sister kept me there, just in case. Sure enough, some other lady made a fuss over the line being relatively short, and they asked Claude if it was ok. He must've said yes, because they gave out more tickets, and my sister was up there before I could turn around to tell her. While in line, there was a toddler wearing a helmet and roller skates in front of us, and Claude signed everything for him. We got our picture signed, and Claude was really nice about everything.

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