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05-27-2011, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by eaglesmaster View Post
Did you know there is a correlation between ice cream sales in a month and drowning cases in the same month. Eating ice cream must cause people to drown!!!!
Correlations mean nothing because they do not take into account various extraneous variables. It sounds cool and all but it is meaningless, unless you actually take the time to calculate a proper statistic on it and find it to be statistically significant (preferably on the .01 level, but I suppose the .05 level is also acceptable in this case), then and only then, will it be considered relevant in a discussion. Until then, you are just being prejudice since you are putting a group of people coming from a similar background above the others without any evidence.

Things you are not considering in your analyses. Over-representation of Anglo-Canadians in the NHL since players of similar, and sometimes superior, talent level in europe prefer to stay in their homeland and make more money. Would you rather make potentially more money and play in front of friends and family living in an area that speaks your native language, or would you rather go overseas and speak a language that is most likely not your first and make less money? Pretty sure the answer is obvious.

If you want to target the nationality demographic of our team as the source of the problem go ahead. In the meantime, I am going to concern myself with the talent and compete level of my players rather then where they were born and their heritage.
(wasn't meant to be an insulting post, sorry if it comes across as such, I am simply tired of hearing about this nonsense like Canadians are so superior. Wonder who won the world juniors and the u-18 this year, oops.....)
Fair argument. To defend my post, I said there "could be" a correllation. I don't know if there is or not. I'm just saying I feel like Anglo-Canada is seriouslly under-represented on our team. Stereotypically, Anglo-Canadians are known for their grit and abrasiveness. (Cases can be made where that isn't true, obviously) I'm more of a fan of the tough, physical style of play than the European speed & possession game. My post was saying I would prefer this to happen, but as Detroit has shown, you do not need to have a particular demographic in order to win.

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