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05-27-2011, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think the case for Tony O in the top 18 is very flimsy. He's 19-24 in my book.

I mean, in the last series, you had Tony O very slightly behind Belfour, which I think is fair, but how high do you have Belfour?

Bernie Parent is 10th at best (I have him 11th), and he was without a doubt better than Tony O.
wow, you would seriously consider having him as low as 24th? You don't say a lot of ridiculous things, but...

clearly you are missing something.

I actually have Belfour pretty high - you know this. After Bower and Parent in 10th and 11th, Belfour may be next.

Yes I have Parent ahead... but if it wasn't for two of the most incredible playoff runs of all-time, I wouldn't. Parent's regular season career is just Esposito's, minus a couple great years, minus a couple more good years. (Esposito, FWIW, had one of the greatest playoff runs of all-time too - only problem was that the exclamation mark on it was the Lemaire goal)

It's certainly not a slam dunk according to the "establishment", either - the vaunted THN panel put Espo 79th - 16 spots below Parent.

It is remarkable how little credit some people still give Esposito's regular season accomplishments.

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