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05-27-2011, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Ceux de Montreal View Post
Well, do you want to elaborate a little more about that?
Well, I agree with him...

Not saying Spacek is tremendous value, but he is worth SOMETHING himself. He by most accounts is still quite far from AHL calibre, & seriously is very underrated here.
Yes, he's not scoring a la Buffalo, but he is a + player, who was playing some of his best hockey when we needed to maintain a playoff position.
He may be a bit steep @ 3.833... But it's one year, it's UFA, and it's very valuable at the deadline if it never pans out.

Serviceable d-men are usually whats wanted, and what costs teams at the deadline... esp. those with a UFA status... We may even keep him for our own reserves in the Playoffs.
His money is good for when Subban's and Prices contracts both expire next year (I.E. keeping the 3.8 on the cap would cement roughly 4 million to be made available for the two of them next summer).

So Spacek is already worth more to US than a fourth round pick, simply because he CAN and WILL easily make this team come training camp.

Second, a third round pick is a better pick than a fourth, and we are only picking TWICE in the first 3 rounds... so I am more partial to keeping our higher picks. If anything... our lower ones would be more expendable for a higher pick.

Third off, Wizniewski's rights, if in play on draft day, could be more valuable than to package everything together for signing chance.

UFA rights have been interesting to watch over the yers, some home runs, some strike outs... But to offer Detroit access to one of the TOP offensive d's in the NHL when they are potentially losing 3 regulars, (2 of them allstars) and this guy just put up 50 points... All I am saying is if Detroit is interested, there may be other teams wanting the first craack at him as well... <-- That's an X-Factor chip we could use to move up the draft (somewhere)... Because the winning team has a whole week to agree to a contract.

Anyhow, that's my reasoning, Im interested to see if it's close to why Mike8 disagrees with the move as well.

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