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05-27-2011, 03:56 AM
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The problem is i can get the laces really really tight, but the skate does not close in and wrap around my foot.

I went ahead and baked them again, i got my friend to mold the skate whilst i did the laces up and for 10 minutes i kept trying to shape the skate.

I did my RF first, after 15 i took the skate of a tied the laces, tied the laces the same as my left skate and there was a noticable difference. The eye lets have come more over, rather then being more upright.

This was the skate prior to baking

you can see the last 5 eyelets dont really come over to give a wrap around effect. After baking yestaday its alot more narrow even with the laces off and all the eyelets curve in a bit. Fingers crossed i finish golf intime for hockey tonight and get to try them :p

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