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05-27-2011, 08:40 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
How long before a team wins their respective championship is it to say they are doomed, that there is a black cloud over the team.

50 years? Seems a bit high of a number as 50 f'ing years is a long f'in time no matter how you slice it. We are at, what 37 years. That is obviously too little for the greenhorn fans that plan to live 50 f'ing more years.

Regardless of your perception of what a long time is, I believe at lets say oh 35 years and landing maybe the best player in the world, its dumb to keep building for the future. But its all a matter of perception. Yours is neither right nor wrong.

But Rock on Atlas, its hilarious watching the reactions to your posts.

Bring on the many teams with bigger losing streaks fails from all sports. Are they rebuilding right now too?
I'm sorry but the idea that Leonsis, Patrick, McPhee, Boudreau, and whoever else should make decisions about the current team based on the 35+ year history of the franchise and how some long term fans are fed up with waiting for a cup is about the most absurd thing I have ever read.

What has happened outside of the timeframe that directly effects the current team should have no bearing whatsoever on the decision making now. What the heck do failures from 25 years ago have to do with today's team? Nothing.

Do you really expect management to say something along the lines of, 'hey we have a bunch of long term fans who feel because of their long term fandom they are entitled to a cup now so why don't we ditch the current long term plan and just go all in in an effort to get these oh so deserving fans thier cup in the next year or two?' Really...?

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