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Originally Posted by Ghost of Downie View Post
How did Kane/Toews/Byfuglien do? He was charged with shutting them down and he did. It's too bad Michael Leighton has the five hole the size of Texas.

Players don't have to go out of their way to say that thoughts of Mike Richards stepping away from the captaincy are "the most ridiculous thing [they've] ever heard."

What did he do in the Boston series? Because by your logic, that's what matters in determining someone's leadership.

Exactly my point: He already does that. See the Giroux situation.

And what about Briere, the saint? He hasn't been streaky? Where was he from January to March and in the Boston series? Where's his consistent efforts on defense?

And Richards is unfit for the captaincy because of questionable pictures?

And Richards isn't fit for complaining about referees? Where's the complaints about Pronger calling a ref a ****ing woman back in November? Undermining the coach? He said that it's hard to get a consistent powerplay when there aren't consistent powerplay units. Is that throwing the coach under the bus? And Richards is being penalized for skipping optional skates? HE HAD PNEUMONIA AND A BROKEN WRIST! That's why "optional" skates are "optional". Players who need time off can take time off. Skipping practice? When did Richards skip practice? Irresponsible use of media? Like the thing that Anthony SanFilippo praised earlier this offseason?

Richards is not the problem with this team. I don't know how many ways I can say it.
You make some good points, but it adds up to A LOT of defensive statements and excuse making for the kid. I don't think it's likely that every single concern people have raised about Richards is simply invalid or excusable as you seem so apt to claim. You sound like a fanboy who believes your hero Captain Richards is simply infallible and beyond reproach. I'm obviously not going to convince you otherwise. Still, valid concerns remain. I'm fine with Richards being the captain of the team, and I don't see the Flyers making a change. But I am worried about the maturity level and commitment based on the examples I mentioned and that he won't complete his "on the job training" (Pronger's words) before the team's current window (i.e, Pronger/Timonen era) is closed. BTW Pronger's comment was something like "stepping away from the c for a year" was the most ridiculous thing, not necessarily the idea of changing the C itself.

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