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05-27-2011, 11:06 AM
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Why would a broadcaster get a ring?? That makes absolutely no sense and sounds like BS to me. Even if Steigerwald does suck elephant balls.

I don't want to get my hopes up on this but when I hear both contracts are expiring and Doc has some type of connection to Pittsburgh, it's hard to not let the imagination run wild with thoughts of actual decent play calling, and God forbid... a lack of idiotic anecdotes and statements. Also I think it would be more fun to count the number of times we hear "DRIIIIVE!" per game and rant about that then genuinely have feelings of disrespect and loathing for the guy calling the play. Emrick would be great, and I agree probably better than Lange ultimately. But either is infinitely better than Steigerwald.

Also no idea why, if he got the boot from TV, Steigerwald would get Lange's PBP job on the radio, which by all accounts he's done a great job with. My wife listens to him on XM on the way home from work and says she almost doesn't want to switch mid-game because the difference is so jarring.

Either he's going to stay put or he's going to be gone from Penguins broadcasting IMO. Unless Lange is retiring which I've heard nothing to suggest that.

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