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05-27-2011, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by spudnick View Post
First of all I'm Canadian so I am probably not the best to give input but what is so interesting that people actaully watch baseball and basketball? I can kinda see basketball with the dunks but thats about it. Baseball? common, is there really a more boring sport to watch???? I mean seriously. How can someone actually sit through an entire baseball game? I went to one baseball game in my life and it was the year the Bluejays won the world series and I can honestly say I could not wait to leave, my god I felt like jabbing hot needles in my eyes and if not for the beer would have probably went for a nap. I love hockey because its fast, physical, beautiful passes, goals and saves and some fights. Football is hard hitting but too slow 5 second play followed by 30 second huddle but I can see why people like it. Basketball is back and forth with nice plays but no physical aspect, a foul for touching another player. Baseball BORING.
And this ^^^^ is coming from a guy whose country loves Curling.

Seriously, I love hockey and its fast pace the most, but as an American I grew up with and still enjoy the laid back game of Baseball... Not everything has to be a breakneck speed, all out slug-fest in life. I love the ballads as well as the fast rock tracks... I enjoy the mystery and dramas along with the action and comedy films... I spend the romantic evenings at home along with time all nights parties... I relish subtle gourmet dinners as well s hot spicy food... I think you can catch my drift.

To everything there is season under the Sun.

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