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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
ranking the 8 goalies beyond 13th is actually pretty tough. I have these guys:

1-3: Roy/Hasek/Plante
4-6: Dryden/Sawchuk/Hall
7-9: Tretiak/Brodeur/Benedict
10-12: Bower/Parent/Broda
13: Belfour

and then from there, I feel like the next 8 almost blend in together:


what do I think?

- As contemporaries, I think Durnan is just a hair below Brimsek, based on previous discussions during this draft. but where do they slot?
- I see no reason Thompson should be ahead of Esposito
- Vezina deserves to be regarded closer to Benedict, but how high can we really put him?
- I am not convinced Gardiner, in his short career, did more than Worters, whose best seasons are cut off by lack of all-star teams. I'm open to arguments there.
- Thompson might be the best or the worst of this 1930s bunch. It seems just about every year he was either an all-star or vezina winner. Ranking those three is tough. Strangely, he compares so well to Espo that I can conclusively say Espo belongs ahead, yet, I can't conclusively say Espo belongs ahead of Gardiner/Worters, and still, I can't conclusively say those two belong ahead of Thompson.
- Holecek is impossible to compare to these guys. Almost as good as Tretiak? Great. Then what? Is this like a Benedict/Vezina relationship, or Holmes/Lehman? Who knows.

If I'm making an all-time, all-players list, I can only say for sure that the top-12 belong in the top-100 and that the next 9 belong in the top-175. But sorting those 9 is tough for me.

If you asked me who's next after that, I'd say Smith, Fuhr, Hainsworth, Worsley, Holmes, & Lehman, and not in that order.
I would argue that there should be no more than 6-8 goalies in the top-100. The position simply isn't considered as important as it should be. I know for a fact that I wouldn't ever draft a top-20 goalie ever again, unless it was at ridiculous value.

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