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05-27-2011, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Freeptop View Post
Actually, no, the rumor doesn't make much sense. The rumor stated that the reason for bringing in Emerick was to increase their national presence. Which is pretty much nonsensical on the face of it:
1) The Penguins already get loads of national attention - they are always one of the teams with the max number of national games broadcasted.
2) Who they have as their local broadcaster isn't going to make a lick of difference for their "national presence".
3) The Penguins don't employ the broadcasters at Root Sports. Only the radio announcers. Sure, they probably have influence there, but since it wouldn't be the Penguins' money being spent there, that influence only goes so far.

Now, add to that the fact that Mike Emerick would cost a whole lot more money than re-signing Steigerwald would - Root Sports is already bringing in the highest regional ratings for hockey in the country with Steigerwald - what's their motivation to change?

Really, there's no real reason to make a move like this one.

As for Madden being right about some things - when it comes to rumors, I've yet to hear him get something right that wasn't reported somewhere else first. Reporting "Kovalev to the Pens" doesn't count, since according to Madden, it would have happened several years ago.
I didn't say it made sense in terms of ratings, or Root Sports needing a replacement. What I meant was that it makes sense for Emrick because of his ties with Pittsburgh. I don't think a move is needed but I mean, if Emrick wants to come to Pittsburgh, I don't think Root Sports would turn him down.

And I don't really listen to Madden that much, and he's usually a jack*ss most of the time anyways, but I remember I was listening the day before the 2010 NHL free agency period began and he said "You know, I would really like us to sign Zbynek Michalek, he plays good hockey and would be a great fit for the Pens." And we signed him the next day and I never heard a Michalek to Pens rumor other than from Mark Madden. Now that wasn't a rumor, it was more like Madden's opinion, but still, he got it right. lol

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