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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
Angle was one of the most underrated wrestlers during his time.

So was Tazz. the WWF misused him so bad, he was a monster.

And yeah, I haven't watched the WWF since the attitude era either. I just watched it once a few weeks ago (months, now?) to see the Rock come back.
Angle was most definitely not underrated during his time. Not even close. He didn't have as much a storied career as others around him, but by no means underrated.

Angle got the W in Hell in a Cell with the top wrestlers of that era: Stone Cold, The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H...and yeah, okay, Rikishi may not have been tops.

Look at the belts he got to hold with the WWF. He wasn't under-appreciated. As a matter of fact, many wrestlers said he was probably one of the best when it came to doing interviews and many looked forward to working with him.

Tazz though, I agree, Vince completely botched that one up.

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