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05-27-2011, 03:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ZugNugget View Post
I think with the parity of the NHL, with so many teams so close to making the playoffs, teams in the 8-18 range (especially those who are in markets where they need to win sooner than later like Atlanta and Columbus) are becoming more inclined to look to the draft for talent that can step in a year or two after being drafted.

Last year, only 5 defensemen were drafted in the Top 20. Two of them were far and away the best players available (Fowler and Gormley), two of them were in markets that have time to develop prospects and not worry about players that can step in right away (McIlrath and Forbort in New York and Los Angeles), and Florida probably didn't see a forward worth picking at 3 (Johansen, Niederreiter, Skinner were all risers, and not really considered to be Top 5 talent).

I understand that it's probably foolhardy to make this kind of claim after one draft, so I guess we'll see what happens this year. But I will not at all be surprised to see defenders drop again.

I'm inclined to think that in the Top 18 we'll see Larsson, Murphy, Hamilton, and TWO OF Oleksiak, Siemens, and Beaulieu taken.

I think:

1. Oilers - RNH
2. Avalanche - Larsson
3. Florida - Landeskog/Huberdeau/Couturier (Won't take defender)
4. Devils - Landeskog/Huberdeau/Couturier
5. Islanders - Landeskog/Huberdeau/Couturier (Won't take defender)
6. Senators - Strome (Won't take defender)
7. Thrashers/Jets - Hamilton/Murphy - With new ownership, I could see them taking a defender. If not, they won't take a defender.
8. Blue Jackets - Either trade the pick or Zibanejad (Won't take defender)
9. Bruins - Hamilton/Murphy
10. Wild - Armia (Won't take defender)
11. Avalanche - Bartschi/Puempel/McNeill/Scheifele
12. Hurricanes - Bartschi/Puempel/McNeill/Scheifele (Won't take defender)
13. Flames - Bartschi/Puempel/McNeill/Scheifele (Won't take defender)
14. Stars - JT Miller/Jensen
15. Rangers - Beaulieu/Siemens/Oleksiak
16. Sabres - Bartschi/Puempel/McNeill/Scheifele (Won't take defender)
17. Canadiens - JT Miller/Jensen
18. Chicago - Beaulieu/Siemens/Oleksiak
19. Oilers - Beaulieu/Siemens/Oleksiak/Klefbom/Brodin/Morrow

I really think we'll have our pick of Klefbom, Brodin, Morrow, and one of Beaulieu, Siemens, and Oleksiak.

But hey, I could be out to lunch on this one.
We will not get siemens at 19 no chance

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