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Originally Posted by Lucius View Post
To me it all depends on what can be done.

Spacek isn't bad, but of Gill, Spacek and Hamrlik, I'd rank him third.

If the team could somehow move him and resign Hamrlik cheaper, that would be a net win, but is it worth the effort and disruption of dumping that contract?

Odds are that they take the path of least resistance and keep him, possibly at the expense of one or both of those guys.
I would too... The problem lies in the Ginormous contract, and the slew of UFA's available who are better, younger and cheaper than Spacek on July One.
He has very little to no value right now (probably even negative, if any at all)... BUT... come late february, when the 2012 trade deadline hits, the salary caps usually have room due to injuries, and Spacek may be a decent filler for teams going in to the playoffs with an injured defence. He's had tonnes of experience, and is UFA that summer. He stays on their books for about a month worth of his salary.

That all being said, I think it is frowned upon by the NHLPA to be dumping players at Spacek's point of his career (nearing the end)... The only way he goes is to a cup contender IMO. Or a regular playoff role on an injury ravaged team. Otherwise he's signed to us for 3 years, and IMO we will probably see them played out.

Gill and Hamrlik are BOTH more valuable to us... However it's the situation that Spacek has the CURRENT valueless contract.

If it was swung out, and Spacek was traded prior to July 1st, I'd LOVE to retain the services of Hamrlik... IMO he deserves the Contract for the years he put in.

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