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05-27-2011, 06:17 PM
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Looking more and more like RGV is out:

It hangs in the balance of an altered lease:

The franchise’s former ownership group, led by Joe Sakulenzki, has declined to take back the team from current owner Troy Nelson. Sakulenzki said his group has not ruled out taking back the assets of the franchise but is not currently looking at operating the team next season.

He and his partners investigated taking back the franchise from Nelson, including having talks with State Farm Arena management about restructuring the Bees’ lease to make it more favorable for the team. And though the city offered a slight reduction in costs, it wasn’t enough to fit into Sakulenzki’s group’s budget.

Sakulenzki said he will try to contact arena management today to see if they’ve come up with more changes. He said he will attempt to have CHL commissioner Duane Lewis assist in the talks.

“It’s still up in the air. If the city comes to the table and does a little better on their lease, we may be able to persuade my partners to go ahead and go forward with this,” Sakulenzki said. “If it doesn’t happen, we will not be involved with hockey this year. If Troy does it, that’s his business.

“If we repossess the assets and we have the franchise license and we can’t get the lease negotiated to more favorable terms, we won’t play this year.”

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