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Originally Posted by Pierre Jr View Post
If i were in charge, I would have two priorities in mind for the first pick.

Big-bodied winger that can skate and handle physical play


big-bodied D-man with the same skillset

I'm not a big fan of BPA drafting. Rocco Grimaldi might be great and all, but where exactly is he going to fit down the road? And we're assuming that our small forwards will not re-sign in 3-4 years. Who knows, maybe Gionta and Cammy will come back then, making the drafting of another pint-sized forward even more of a mistake.

As much as I'd agree that you can't have enough skilled players, you need to strike a balance at some point. We literally only have one sure bet power forward type player in our organization, Max Pacioretty. I like Kostitsyn, Avtsin, Quailer and Walsh, but we clearly need more depth at that position. Someone mentioned before that it's okay to draft lots of centers because they're more adaptable than wingers, which is true, but i'd argue that no center that we've drafted lately can do what Pacioretty can do, that you need the frame and the winger mentality to score the way he scores.

Here's my shortlist, after watching some videos of potential first round draftees:

McNeill, Mark - Forward -- Prince Albert

Oleksiak, Jamieson - Defensman -- Northeastern

Saad, Brandon - Winger - Sarnia

Jurco, Tomas - Winger - St. John's

Jensen, Nicklas - Winger - Oshawa
I believe teams always go for a bit of both, yes they have lists but I believe sometimes those lists can have groups of players all ranked the same example this year they might have per example, Miller, Scheifele, Beaulieu and Bartschi all ranked as B, now if they're all available they will select one of them assuming no B+ players are still available.

So they'd have 4 BPA's at this point and this is where a team goes for need, in the Habs case a big center so they'd go for Scheifele or Miller here.

Now assume Beaulieu is ranked B+ and is available, a team with such a system will draft him even if they are stacked on D.

But going BPA is essential, these picks are assets too, going by need shouldn't make you take risky compromises.

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