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05-28-2011, 12:41 AM
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Ill echo the sentimate that id love to have lange back, but its just not realistic, plus from what I heard this year (plus the fact the fact it seems the pens are pushing mears) leads me to believe he's not long for the broadcasting world.

Plus, theres the fact that this seems to stem from madden, who is as unreliable as they come. I can see both sides: for root, ratings are great and there is no dire need for a change. The point madden made in his article is that root may feel, from some pressure from the team, and from the fact that they are in a marquee market that they should have a top flight play-by-play guy.

We'll see next year if hes right, I for one hope he is. I think steigy was a good color guy and would flourish in a potash role. No doubt he loves the city and team, but he flat out sucks at pbp.

Errey really is a strong guy, he flat out knows the game if youve seeb him on nhl network. I think hed be great with a better broadcaster

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